Mornings From The California Notebooks 2016



having infinity

taking over me
that is my practice
in the desert

to rehearse boundless

to have a sip of
eternity once
in a while






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    • thank you traditionshome for your comment, every feedback is always πŸ™‚ welcome! now, about your question I’m not sure what you mean with, an action associated with it…? if you mean what the poem means, it’s about letting go and experiencing space, freedom, what eternity will be in my opinion. my poems have no punctuation and the meaning may be confusing at time unless you read it slow and more than one time. that is my goal, to slow us down into meditation. appreciate your input, I hope I reply to your question!


  1. Love your picture btw, also. Your poem brought me back–I was in the desert only once for a couple of months (4 corners area of USA). I didn’t know how much I missed it until I left. The peace, the quiet, the dryness. Your senses aren’t assaulted so much by the comparable ‘nothingness’ that’s there. I probably could have gotten used to it, but it was so isolated–which I loved but didn’t want to miss what was going on in the rest of the world! Thanks for liking my ‘better’ posts. I know you have a sharp eye because you pick ’em out. And being brave to write in English.

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    • You are welcome garyfratesstrong and thank you for sharing about your experience in the desert! I appreciate you putting “nothingness” between quotes, that is the perception of someone who had heard and seen the desert.

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