To The New Day




it happens slowly
that moment when
light rises invading
darkness for all of us

after long nights
of tossing and slumber
escaping nightmares
or simple sound sleep

some with a bird song
others with sirens
screams garbage trucks
or children’s mumbles

we enter the day today
with the fragrance of bread
butter jam or fried eggs
herring and pretzels

we smell the coffee sip
the tea some caffe-latte
some orange juice or fresh
fruit some just toothpaste

taste as we rush or we linger
to savor the day lets realize its
not the same for all of a people
that came from afar time ago

we all crossed some
oceans all left some lands
we carried little – hopes as a
luggage and left the grieving

home we left family some
pets and kids we came here
to sculpt new liberty statues
in our images which are many

we came with hands that had
experiences so vague one to
another yet we can be a chain
yet we can pull something

out of the waters together
hands that grabbed the oar
hands that paddle the seas
hands that medicate wounds

let our words today build
a new day by choosing with
care the ones that welcome
others just as we would

have wanted to greet our
neighbors with a crown
that of a smile – if we don’t
know but our language

let’s walk the mornings
to gather those smiles
they are all different
yet we benefit the same

holding back judgment
ignoring the fear of what
we do not understand lets
try to make a new day for us

embracing diversity as we are
now sharing from the riches
we have within the small
luggage we were allowed

to hold on when we landed
with so many others here
on a vast nation that lacks no
space and grants freedom




A Contribution To The Missing Inaugural Poem 2017




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  1. A story of dislocation and change. I am left with emotive imagery and am moved by this poem of yours. Thank you for writing it and thanks for sharing it with us. Peter


      • When reading someone else’s writing I always wonder how I would need to feel to write just so. I find that when I receive feedback on my creations from fellow writers it lends me a different perspective ultimately, hopefully, allowing me to write better. You’re welcome to my positive comments as hopefully they may just help you in some way.


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