Intervista Live TV


Una sorpresa per questa domenica pre-pasquale (sembro un pulcino appena uscito dall’uovo), il segmento della mia intervista in diretta a Seilatv – Pomeriggio216. Racconto dei miei viaggi nella California del Sud dove ho “raccolto” i miei due volumi poetici bilingue California Notebooks

A early Easter surprise (yes, I look like a chick that just cracked off the egg in this interview, LOL) a live interview for an Italian TV where I tell about my trips to California where I “gathered” poetic inspiration and where I wrote the two volumes of the California Notebooks

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  1. I do not understand Italian, dear Anna, but I have enjoyed listening to your interview and celebrate your accomplishments along with you and all who know and love your poetry. Thank you for being you 🙂

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    • Alina, so nice to read such a caring comment! Thank you for taking the time to watch it and to write to me. Sorry it’s not in English so you could understand it. Grateful for you 😊


    • Barbara, first of all so happy to see you here and to read your comment! I was just thinking about you these past days… Thank you for your compliments! Right before this live interview I drove two hours in rush traffic under the rain, barely made it, was hurled under the cameras and right then I could see no more (retina and stress) and had tearful eyes the first few minutes. I felt confused and just like a wet chick 🐣 popping off the egg!!!! If none of this shows I’m truly more than happy 😃 By the way, Happy Easter!!! 🐇 ❤️


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