Secret Name



I dreamed my secret name

yes it was written

on a white stone

everything was crystal

clear then just like

the sky today harmony

coated and I felt so

relaxed so sleepy


I fell into another night

when I woke up I could

not make out the writing

and I got news of more

deaths more killings

more drowning crimes


if I could if I just could

tell everybody their

secret names

waking them up to life





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  1. 😁 I can’t tell you dear Beth, you need to dream it! Thank you for your comment and feedbacks. I love you all the same, don’t worry, we’ll talk again at the perfect time 😘


  2. This is incredible. This reminds me of a song I heard by Florence and the machine. The song is called the end of love. The lyrics are hauntingly beautiful like this poem and thought provoking. I also love the picture of the shells you chose . I feel like it goes well with this almost like you’re experiencing a violent dream you can’t wake up from but want to finish it to see the end. Love this so much.

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    • Thank you so much for your detailed and enthusiastic feedback BrittnyLee! I shall go and t
      check out the song you mentioned, thank you for pointing that out. I never heard of that song or band but I’d love to see how things are connected in life!


      • Yes ! Of course! I’m finally at a place in my blogging that I feel comfortable reaching out more and sharing opinions:) it’s so inspiring reading and discussing works with all you guys:) Florence and the machine is an incredible band too . The songs are indescribable:) thanks for responding . Your writing and photography is beautiful .

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  3. I just finished listening to The End of Love! I had goose bumps all over me!! Thank you so much for introducing me to this song and this band, I will proceed to listen to more songs. The text of this song is similar when she sings in details about her dream and how it took place… being aware of the moment, even when dreaming in my opinion is key to poetic production…


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