How Often We Forget


how often we forget
it is us revolving
around the sun

we sit contemplating
in our living room
the shadows changing

how often we forget
we are mirrors
of others attitudes

we point the finger
pick up a part to act
just impersonating

how often we forget
to simply be a simple
word being thank you

no chats about the sun
moving raising setting
telling ourselves truths




This poem is included in the bilingual collection California Notebooks 01. Click on the title for info.


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  1. First of all, great poetry. Have been all over your site and it’s lovely to read.
    Secondly, thank you for dropping by my own site (which is how I found yours, of course). I’m glad you like what you’ve read.
    We have very different styles but the passion’s there and that’s all that matters.
    All the best and I wish I had your Air Miles…
    John Ormsby
    (tuo cugino canadese)

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