Un po’ di poesia


Sunday’s posts are dedicated to Italian Poetry

non voglio
che nessuno muoia senza
un po’ di poesia

un tono
d’amore o compassione

ti auguro
l’urgenza di valicare

mentre sei nella tua dimora una
bella pelle

desiderando che
arrivi quel tocco dall’alto



2014-06-24 20.12.50


Tuesday Poems will be in English as usual.

Sì, la domenica le poesie saranno in italiano!

Questa poesia fa parte della nuova opera California Notebooks 02

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  1. I don’t want to
    that no one dies without
    a little poetry

    a tone
    of love or compassion

    i wish you
    the urgency of going through

    while you are in your abode a
    beautiful skin

    desiring that
    you get that touch from above

    .Beautiful words and imagery!!✨

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    • Hi, 😊 thank you for your comment and compliments and the attempted translation! The poem in English starts like this:
      I wish no one/
      to die without a hint/
      of poetry/
      a hue of love/
      compassion or/

      you can read it here https://annamosca.com/page/14/ and in a few other places n my blog as a posted it a few times. It’s part of the bilingual collection of poems California Notebooks 02, the lime green book.

      Please go read it and I hope you enjoy it in English as well. 🤩 Thank you for visiting!


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