Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep…



it is right by the side
of the road the Cathedral
In The Pines Cemetery

as if you could just roll
off the side of the road
dead and ready to lay

where there are no fences
but some more noise to
endure or is it a reminder

when the sun hides
at sunset behind red
blood colored clouds




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  1. The lack of punctuation is perfect in this poem. Combined with the choice of line breaks, there is a hurried pace to reading it, almost as if the poet is in a small, secret rush to get into that cemetery. I could read this over and over again.

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  2. Your poem definitely evokes peace, which I hope we are all finding in the midst of uncertainty. The title of your poem, also the title of a classic bedtime prayer, caught my attention. As a child, I had a doll that said the entire prayer when her belly was pushed. It sounds creepy, but I loved that doll. ❤️

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