under or above
removed from usual
grounds from valleys
to enter quieter realms
stillness and marvel
to be marginal
observing whether
with fish or birds
a new silence
lingering in

This poem is part of the collection Crossing Riviera.

By the way, in case you wish to give me some feedback based on your experience or instruction, this new Blocks Editor DRIVES ME CRAZY!!! Not sure it works for poems… even the Schedule seems more lengthy and complicated and, sorry for the past few weeks, missing the usual posting time and dates – I was experimenting with the Block Editor! Arrgh…

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  1. I am so sorry to hear about your struggles with the Block Editor! I try to keep my posts the same as when I used the Classic Editor without color blocks, and have found using Shift+Enter lets me keep a paragraph between lines otherwise WordPress merges the text.

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  2. I’m with you about the block editor. Struggling to figure out how to do what I used to do. I have tried using the Verse block – it gets me around the paragraph problem, but isn’t exactly what I want sometimes. My work around is often to create a block and then switch to editing html inside it. At least I know what exactly is going on then. Good luck!

    I enjoy your poetry!


  3. The block editor is a royal pain. It is my opinion that I have given up some freedom. Now it is like filling out a form. My wish would be to be able to post directly from MS Word.

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    • Yes! Same feeling!! I understand some people may need the block editor but it should stay an option for those who need it. We should let WP know, I though I was the only one not getting it but apparently there’s quite a group of people that agree with me. Thank you for your reply.


    • I appreciate you sharing info. When you do copy and paste from word are you able to maintain the spaces between stanzas? because now it would not maintain or create them, not even in htlm, so I have to do New Line add a period and new line again… not the best look, having black dots where you should have a shite space.


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