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Artist, poet, photographer, reader, lover, walker, traveler. Feeling in wilderness. Been writing lots of poetry, taking less pictures, teaching a whole lot, traveling less than usual, loving more than allowed, riding public city bikes and not planes, puzzled over paintings. Beside all those forms I am.

Prima Vera Domenica


Sunday’ posts are dedicated to Italian Poetry. Tuesdays’ poems will be in English, as always.


a noi non resta

memoria della neve

del suo cadere silenziosa

del suo coprire e calmare

del suo sciogliersi nutrendo


a noi resta

la terra dura dell’inverno

di una siccità sgradita

che porta ad una rigidità

non fertile al fuoco estivo


a noi che non badiamo

e nulla ascoltiamo noi






it’s the stall that

makes me nervous

the space between

branches that


makes me breath


the silent wake up

calls before the

birds sing that

has me pray


Winter Hides



winter hides the green


no complementary


even at sunsets


hides but those tiny


that makes me break

into a smile


here and there I smile


light out of me shines


I Stand Still



I stand still


among the bare



I stand here


my eyes filled

with beauty


the sounds of

ducks in between

the church bells

sharp in the air


move my tears to

cover my cheeks

such emotional

life will last


in nature we live

we are born

again and again

let’s not forget


Fear Lives



fear lives in us

the more we push it

out the more

it sinks its roots in the dark


to be able

to recognize it when

we look from its eyes



at life well aware

we don’t understand

what influences us is what

halts my words now


What It Takes



the garden repeats

itself with no shame

day after day

year after year

it is the ritual of life

honest repetitions

with no aim to gain

simply to be

I learn each day

from these visits

each step I take

wisdom sheds

entering me


it takes a needy

heart to see

this incredible

life experience