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Artist, poet, photographer, reader, lover, walker, traveler. Feeling in wilderness. Been writing lots of poetry, taking less pictures, teaching a whole lot, traveling less than usual, loving more than allowed, riding public city bikes and not planes, puzzled over paintings. Beside all those forms I am.

The Garden Told Me



the garden told me

it needs me


a poet to walk along

it to unlock

the unseen unheard


to feel home

while lost it needed

it told me


someone that will

walk it for

no reason at all


if not to be

it to breath along


The Songs Of Butterflies


it is a revelation
not one cicada
sounds the same

a butterfly sitting
by me admiring
something I lose

myself on such lightness
I use to tell children
to stop and to listen to

the songs of
butterflies as
they nodded back

This poem, written in 2014, is from the collection California Notebooks 01, click on the title if interested in your own copy.



tall piles of books
tall piles of paper
tall piles of drawings
tall piles of note taking
tall piles of poems scribbled

a few empty jars cleaned out
I live in my ideal city pushed
back in the corner I sit
each title a windows’
line each space

a possibility


Il volo


la vita come
scuola ci prepara
ad un altro mondo
ci accoglie prima
il nido poi il volo

Some Sundays posts are dedicated to Italian Poetry, feel free to enjoy them. On Tuesday post will be in English as usual.

Poems Come


when you honor
three layers of mountains

brown beige and purple
straight ahead of you

against a bright blue drape
not noticing the golf ball

poems come floating
the crystal breeze

This poem is part of the collection California Notebooks 02 written in Indian Wells, California.

Aprile 2021 – Inedita


Sundays’ are dedicated to Italian Poetry


siamo evanescenti

siamo temporanei


siamo sospensione

del fiato divino siamo

la pausa tra le parole


siamo il sacro steso

alla luce quotidiana




On Tuesday poems will be posted in English as usual.

Sì, il martedì le poesie saranno in inglese come sempre.