Poetry is



poetry is

the description

of a transition


the details


of a voyage

into new unknown

lands laying


beside us all along

Anna Mosca reading from the California Notebooks 02 in the Coachella Valley Desert.

You can see/hear me read this poem in the Coachella Valley Desert, where it came to me, by clicking here.

This poem is found at page 111 of the bilingual poetry book California Notebooks 02

A Different Point Of View



I may indulge

in upside down

visions a different

point of



giving you pictures

of reflections

shadows clouds

and waters


all fleeting

all temporarily



You can view me, reading this poem for you, here.

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Il mio orto


Sundays’ poems are dedicated to Italian Poetry


il mio orto a spirale

ha prodotto abbondanza


nascondendo la struttura

non percorribile


nel suo pieno arrivata

la stagione


Se gradite ascoltare la versione audio e video della performance cliccate qui.

If you wish to hear and see the video of the poetic performance click here.

Yes, on Tuesday poems will be in English, as usual!

Sì, il martedì le poesie, come sempre, saranno pubblicate in inglese!




now it’s my turn

to be sitting on

a park bench

alone listening

something is coming

what is is coming



This was the only English poem performed on my first poetic reading after the Covid-19 lockdown, last weekend, when asked to do a public reading during the finissage of an art show Called Opulenza Vegetale (Vegetable Opulence). The performance took place in an old site, a church dated 1289, in Italy. If interested in a short video click here, Now.

Dedicated To Generation Female



lead me my heart

where I am welcomed


with joy and gratitude

hold me there with laughter


pin me with sweet thoughts

of greatness so that I may


shine forever not lamenting

nor lacking lead me


to my own



The poem, written in August, I dedicate to all the people participating to the Generation Female Global Summit where I will be one of the speakers! I hope to see you there, tomorrow, where you can ask me questions or hear my story, it would be lovely. Please click here to enroll.

Il posto giusto


Sundays are dedicated to Italian Poetry.

Vi invito a vedere e ad ascoltare questa poesia, Il posto giusto tratta dal libro bilingue California Notebooks 02 cliccando qui. Questa è la poesia di pagina 50.

Sì, la domenica le poesie sono in italiano e il martedì in inglese.

Tuesday poems will be published in English as usual.

If you own the bilingual book I wrote, California Notebooks 02, this poem in on page 50.

Come With Me


Come with me today to my poetry reading in the Coachella Valley in California!

It will take you only 3’09” to be with me and virtually fly there as I introduce you to my poems.

The book I’m reading from, California Notebooks 01 was written there. I wanted to give back to the desert, with this reading, the inspiration it bestowed on me.

This book is dedicated

to those souls whose flesh is too tight

to those whose dreams are real and reality seems

to be a dream

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Agosto inedito


Sunday’s posts are dedicated to Italian Poetry


il sole agostano


penetra il fogliame


di ombre sulla terra



Tuesday Poems will be in English as usual.
Sì, la domenica le poesie saranno in italiano.