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My Feelings



my feelings this time

don’t want to stay on

paper or even reach it

there’s is a modesty

to them as they rise

from my aging family

I move from pangs

of anxious pain to

serenity as giving

honor to vulnerability

brought forth a new

sweetness to be

savored alone




Summer Poems – We Stall



we stall through August

aside the rare days

when the sky thundered

the wind hissed and shout

and we run up and down

closing windows pulling

shades and lifting chairs

the following steps

were those of picking up

the tender plants uprooted

from the garden the scattered

tomatoes and plums

august with its singing nights







Secret Name



I dreamed my secret name

yes it was written

on a white stone

everything was crystal

clear then just like

the sky today harmony

coated and I felt so

relaxed so sleepy


I fell into another night

when I woke up I could

not make out the writing

and I got news of more

deaths more killings

more drowning crimes


if I could if I just could

tell everybody their

secret names

waking them up to life





Unexpected Smile



me decorated

with an unexpected smile


I now expect little and live the moment

exploring while passing over


I’ve quit detaining I let

motion befalling having no


more addresses, pinheads or pencils

I found my self delighted

in the last three lines





2013-11-21 16.38.06


This poem is part of the first volume of the “California Notebooks”. If you wish to get your own copy  click here



I Was Once



I was once

part of my dad

and also part of

my mother


later but not so

literally I was part

of someone else’s


further I will be part

of the trees’ roots

contributing to the

flowers’ beauty


part of water

somewhere in

the sky all along

I was part of god


but here you

stiffen and say

I cannot


prove it





This poem is on page 55 of the published bilingual collection California Notebooks 02.