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The Sun – California Notebooks 02



it seems some days
that the sun moves
at a faster speed


it raises for a kiss
as I get a cup of coffee
and let the cat out


I see them playing
together in the shiny
grass birds may


join too as I give
shape to new poetry
typing away


suddenly it taps
on the backyard for
a sad goodbye


as I sit speechless


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my gorgeous shell

is broken

in spite of all my care


in spite of people’s



some dark spots


found inside spreading

they cut me

to pull all of them out

saw me back


I still hurt where they

broke me

I lost that harmonic beauty

I need to heal

time is what I paid all of this for

to have more






with poems I color

my emotions of new hues

stretch the perimeters


grasp a dreamed story

giving it legitimacy

the gifts are shared


my soul’s eyes scan

the air around of me

the breath of God


the most soft of nests

I am watching myself

growing with as I create


Children Asleep



how many times

have I tried to

describe the

feeling of


arising in me

in a poem


as I walked the

garden at night

at dusk or through

cloudy days when

your little heads

are reclined all

closed down as


children asleep


the daisies would

not hear me

nearing them

a motherless

woman being

the greatest

mother of all


Black Rim



I walk around my

small land where trees

abound and I have

a restlessness this year

I never had as if

my garden and I have lost



but I attend the land a lot


I sit waiting as at

the bed of a sick child to

whom nobody hands

water exhausted

I tighten my hands one

with the other in

silent pain I look down


to the aging skin

to the black rim under

my nails its dirt

sticking to me my garden’s

way to hold onto me