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Crossing Rivieras



wellness downing

with the evening

lightly salty breeze


it’s a loud concert

around me waves

crashing every where


deep remote thunder

of the sea underneath

brought up by that


back and forth moving

crickets and cicadas

fighting for the solo


now that the city man

who couldn’t stop

talking has left


I’m laying on the cliff

open to the sky

a million pieces of


me scattered the last

rays of the day will







More poems of this collection: “Crossing Rivieras” can be found on this blog with the search botton to your right.

Places From The California Notebooks



hushed – heat isn’t the cause

willfully watchful of this silence
pregnant of barely perceptible sounds

the sky one solid color

velvety wings moving
producing no noise they found
no obstacle

not even the humming birds
make noise I rest at last

desire raises

not to move
ever abiding surveilling
the light severing the valleys

when it falls



2013-11-30 14.54.22


Poem from the newly released poetry book “California Notebooks” to get your own copy  click here