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Sunday’s posts are dedicated to Italian poetry



volo in bassi cerchi

leggera per il giardino


non pesa la serenità



Yes, on Tuesday poems will be in English, as usual.

Blossom In Presence



it is so

that every morning

I go about pressing the foot

on the same path that’s how


habits are formed good ones


I have learned in between


steps to make treasure of

observation new revelations

as they come blossom


in presence


This is the first poem posted in 2021 with my wish to you that you will blossom in presence in all of your beauty.

~ Also, tomorrow is my birthday and I wish to myself the good habit to be present and grateful every day that is given to me.

This poem is part of the poetry collection California Notebooks that can be bought on Amazon with a special discount.

Enjoy reading poetry, enjoy basking in its beauty, there is still much we can be grateful for…

Beauty Lingering



it’s an afterward

this of giving poetry
a way

to talk about the beauty

sensitivity shining

in our darker days

when we
think there’s little

to be seen



Poem from the second volume of the book California Notebooks 02. If you wish to gift yourself, or someone else, a discounted copy click here. I would love to find a review from you. Best Wishes!





poetry is
the description
of a transition

the details

of a voyage
into new unknown
lands laying

beside us all along



Poem from the second volume of the book California Notebooks. If you wish to gift yourself, or someone else, for the holidays with a discounted copy click here.


Mi adorna


Sunday’s posts are dedicated to Italian Poetry

mi adorna
un sorriso inaspettato

io che attendo poco e vivo
d’ora che esploro sorvolando

non trattengo nulla lascio
che il movimento accada e non ho

indirizzi punte di spilli o di matite
mi trovo felice tra le ultime tre righe


Sì, la domenica le poesie saranno in italiano!

Se volete regalare o regalarvi il libro questa poesia é tratta dai “California Notebooks” in vendita da Feltrinelli.

This poems can be read in its English version here.

Tuesday Poems will be in English as usual.

On Clouds – California Notebooks 01



I’m not knowledgeable
on climatic changes

the way the winds go
on high or low pressure

I didn’t keep my head on books

but clouds those I know

teaching us
how to be in life

the best ones being
those moving fast

giving no resistance
to life happenings

they follow whatever
wind coming their way

you see them glorying

and soon happily gone

busy dancing
life out

no time to pout – others
grow dark and sit dense

giving headaches

to some of us

they build resistance
to any life changes

no escape
the heaviness

they create
will break on us all


Poem from the first volume of the book California Notebooks. If you wish to gift yourself, or someone else, for the holidays with a discounted copy click here.


In Sickness – Three Steps




winter came early

this year to me

and to so many

others counting

the dead ones

holding tight

to a thin opening

of breath whistling

almost in an out my

house old all of a sudden


I do repeat I love you

to my self five times

at day more really

because it helps

my lungs relax

I feel larger

than life



to myself

I do love you

hold on tightly


all shall pass one day

not today maybe

please not




Chapel of the 1348 -1478- 1576-1930 Plague, Italy.


Tomorrow I Won’t Forget



I move a strand of hair


from my face hanging there

for too long

as I didn’t want to remove

you when

I found too many bottles


outside in the trash cans your words


crawling up obscuring my


as my heart knew nothing

but love



Tomorrow is International Day For The Elimination Of Violence Against Women and I won’t forget my yesterday.

A Different Point Of View



I may indulge

in upside down

visions a different

point of



giving you pictures

of reflections

shadows clouds

and waters


all fleeting

all temporarily



You can view me, reading this poem for you, here.

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Il mio orto


Sundays’ poems are dedicated to Italian Poetry


il mio orto a spirale

ha prodotto abbondanza


nascondendo la struttura

non percorribile


nel suo pieno arrivata

la stagione


Se gradite ascoltare la versione audio e video della performance cliccate qui.

If you wish to hear and see the video of the poetic performance click here.

Yes, on Tuesday poems will be in English, as usual!

Sì, il martedì le poesie, come sempre, saranno pubblicate in inglese!