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Questo lieve calore


Sunday Posts are dedicated to Italian Poetry.

Tuesday Posts will be in English as usual.


eh già ormai

qui vengo solo

il fine settimana

ed è gioia oggi


mentre l’occhio scorge il sole

sorgere riflesso nella casa

a me di fronte risvegliarmi

in una serie di tepori

calda la luce tra la patina di gelo

copre tutti i tetti fino all’erba

si riscalda l’anima tra gemiti di gioia

sale questo lieve calore


mentre sgrano testi nel tempo che

oggi mi concedo per leggere

le parole delle poesie che

mi guardano al cuore


Here It comes


Enjoy the visual art work as well


here it comes

the first poem of the year

right as the sun

hides low

behind the houses’ roofs


falls as a wet blanket


through my winter coat

a soft sound


on the frozen grass little


steps as it advances


Anna Mosca, Self Portrait, Dec. 2021.

On Tenderness – Dec.2021



where did my soul go

she’s hurt and offended

she’s hiding from me

from others I will go now

looking for her I will

walk long step after step

until the blood pumps

until the heart awakens

until my legs hurt no more

until I could hear my soul’s

voice calling me out to be

taken softly in my arms


If I could



if I could just scan

the soil and the earth

looking for ghosts




looking for

someone they pretend

they lost


taking time


while we blindly go

continuing our lives