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On a Wintery Night, Part Seven




little one jumped away

keeping one eye on me

he had said his

had no more to add

in his slight disapproval

don’t your remember

the little voice that

carried you through

in the harsh season? wait


each time you waited

it was effective and greater

essence and fair responses

had came out of it

cuddle up and soar

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On a Wintery Night, Part Six




I like the whispers you exchange

the drawn-out breaths

the air you take away

from each other

I sense your bliss

I accept him


but he’s lacking he’s not here

today and you – alone

on a freezing porch –

seeking meaning

make no sense

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On a Wintery Night, Part Five




the little one

approached me

looking up in stupor

what are you doing out here

engrossed in your beauty

cladded up that way?


he ignored my smirk

my pleading eyes

you have no fur coat

under neat your robe

is your silky pale

wintery skin…


that skin the big one seems

to love so much – the silken

and the watery he comes

looking for a great deal

I like him to like you

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On a Wintery Night, Part Four



it had been a long time

since I sat here – listening

to night’s nature

searching words

reasoning pain out

it had been a long time

since I had done this

in English

may be to draw away

from you – as I fear

the end of us – of this

half life you are handing me

that seems to not be

sufficient for me

any longer


I sat and recon myself a woman

a venerable woman I knew

diverse – as if she had

crossed many continents

on feet and wings

in the dark season


finding herself

on the porch once again

wondering over a map

of tender love on which

she had lost the way

one more time




On a Wintery Night, Part Three




I sat smoking one

seeing if

taking some oxygen

away would line up

with my perceptions


it was painful some

and a relief

to make my body suffer

a bit

nearing the feelings

my heart was soaking in


I swallowed some


fire – down my throat – calmly


it burned the side of my tongue


before running down

the minute it will hit

my liver it will make it nuts

striving – trying to process it

and my soul


my heart would not

have the full attention

for once


that’s why I was doing it


how to deviate pain

how to defeat confusion

by confusing my own

physical body

as the pain of the heart

is hard to tame


On a Wintery Night, Part Two




I wore a heavy robe the color of night

tall sheep boots and a fur hat

I looked out there

it felt like rain was falling



it was the wind shifting

between the branches

creating an illusion – no rain

just icy air moving fast

agitating thick leaves

annoying them or

relieving them I would not know

but I sat there

in a stupor for

what had being growing

in my heart tonight


an un-easiness

a dis-ease I had to deal with

before approaching sleep

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On a Wintery Night, Part One




I decided I had to open the door

at night

and step outside

walk alone in the dark at night

it had been a long time

since I did it last


autumn had fallen with

its sadness and abandonments

I retrieved in pain and since

then I hardly ever

stepped on the ground

around my house at night


I had heard the wind a bit

from the hot bath tub

while dealing with heaviness

in my mind

trying in vain to stay afloat

I was a new season approaching

that was clear

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