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The Sun – California Notebooks 02



it seems some days
that the sun moves
at a faster speed


it raises for a kiss
as I get a cup of coffee
and let the cat out


I see them playing
together in the shiny
grass birds may


join too as I give
shape to new poetry
typing away


suddenly it taps
on the backyard for
a sad goodbye


as I sit speechless


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Sunny Awakenings



was dreaming of

sunny awakenings

sweet cuddling and words

few – tight together


was getting out to say

good morning – gratitude

will not fail me

a smile in spite

of everything


I will hold



my hands


Summer A/C – A Six Months Diary Recollection In Five Parts – Life Is Complicated



I had to get A/C

this summer

I had no choice


not the one that refreshes you

the one that burns inside

called chemotherapy


red not the least

that’s how they call it

abroad Red Devil



after a springtime

quite upsetting

first the diagnosis


then the tests results

always the opposite

of what I was hoping for


the metastasis going

thank goodness mine was a slow one

the hospitalization the surgery



came recovery from surgery

infinite the time of the drainages and edemas

and the infection at the expander inserted


we made it just in time

right by the wee day to get to

the medical therapy necessary


considered the difficult nature

of the cells mutated in the darkness

of my perfect body as I saw it



this A/C is hell

inside of you the portable one

it goes in up your veins all around


inside your body

attaching every single cells

you can feel it scorching them


you try to go on with your day

– I will rest I will get over this –

but you spend your time


listening to set off alarms

to observe what is going on

now in the central part


of your poor body

a planet on fire every thing burning

a country invaded


busy to defend itself

to free itself confused holds in and release

you sail – filled up with nausea


every thing moves

but not you – you have to be still

in the dark in the shadow


nowhere to be found it’s the torrid summer

everyone is on holiday at the sea or where is fresh

and you child of the sun – to live –


you got your A/C and you stayed home

with nausea but not from a boat

hot flashes but not from the beach


transformed in the fugitive of light and heat

as they seem to be the unnecessary flames

that lights the gas in my veins



I go out after sunset a bit

if I manage four steps and a bit of a chat

otherwise I observe I lay and lose


the good cells and the disobeying ones

the digestive and intestinal

order I have always had so far


I observe perplexed this war

my body lives amplified

I though surgery was the worse part


almost as observing earth

from far away consuming itself in conflicts

on my top I become the moon


on my night pillow I don’t spread any more

the constellations of the serene nights

of my long white hair scattered


now I find the stubs of my very short hair

what is left until I will be shiny on top with a new shape

I will have to get used to that too


at the end of this complete makeover

that would not leave anything unturned

what light will ever shine out of me





my gorgeous shell

is broken

in spite of all my care


in spite of people’s



some dark spots


found inside spreading

they cut me

to pull all of them out

saw me back


I still hurt where they

broke me

I lost that harmonic beauty

I need to heal

time is what I paid all of this for

to have more



La mia stanza


Sunday’s posts are dedicated to Italian poetry. Tuesday posts will be in English.



l’albero in fondo

alla mia stanza d’ospedale

ha preso la forma

della seta l’acqua non lo raggiungeva

io ignara passeggiavo

fino a che ho visto



malattia ma penso sia

solo la sete


⁃ la vicina strepitava

⁃ insulti verso me a voce altissima

⁃ che non le sono mai piaciuta


come anelo a distanze

galattiche dagli esseri umani

preoccupati dal niente

brutti fino in fondo



la mia stanza d’ospedale

dove sto avanzando

nella mia convalescenza

è tutta verde e viva

piena di silenzio e voci senza suoni

danza parla e si muove


mi accoglie mentre esploro

e mentre verso la poca cura

che posso mentre io abbraccio

con gli occhi e con il cuore

sono con me in questa stanza

chiamata giardino di casa

gatti uccelli ricci e insetti


salvo chi posso mentre avanzo

passi nella culla verde

che cammina con me

verso la guarigione o forse

verso la morte ancora non so


la pace che colgo

prepara la mia anima

per entrambe