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Not Rosaries Nor Missals – Calm Waters, 2016



I dip into these
same calm waters
ahead of me

the mountain
and monumental
the building

where it was
all revealed
one day in my

teens the green
light of life and
the silence

as a solemn
soundtrack making all
things stilled

yet moving in life
a vibration such as
a dancing slow motion

images of bliss here
words are useless
there you need to be



2013-09-11 16.23.58



“Not Rosaries Nor Missals” is a collections of poems started on July 2013. The poems, about a spiritual journey, have the habit of popping up here, for a maximum count of seven, in July of each year.

The older poems of the collection can be found, and read, using the search window to the right of this screen.