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New Church



this is

my new church

the desert plane


where the spirit lives

I shall come and

preach to all


the desert gold

bushes sitting quietly

preach the deepest


silence on which

they already thrive



This poem is part of the poetry collection California Notebooks 02. If you wish to order a copy please click here.




poetry is
the description
of a transition

the details

of a voyage
into new unknown
lands laying

beside us all along



Poem from the second volume of the book California Notebooks. If you wish to gift yourself, or someone else, for the holidays with a discounted copy click here.


A Different Point Of View



I may indulge

in upside down

visions a different

point of



giving you pictures

of reflections

shadows clouds

and waters


all fleeting

all temporarily



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I end up at times

visiting old friends

dinners stretching


over time feeding

our souls

the privilege


of recalling

the spirit’s



our hearts

a candle burning



steadily shaking

in the evening

breeze leaves


we are made to fall

and to die

full of colors


when it’s season



“Not Rosaries Nor Missals” is a collections of poems started on July 2013. This poem comes from that collection.





life as a bird

an egg in a nest

in unexpected


places hidden

cared for and guarded

with parental


love cracking to

the first light revelation

being fed and


taught to sing

before I could fly out

into everlasting




The Look My Soul Has


in between loving cats
and feeding elders
roaming paths

it was the caressing
with my eyes of the olive
trees barks twisted by

the winds and the lack
of water – is that the look
my soul has – she had no

idea life was business
to attend same the church
and the cats and the elderly

2013-10-27 13.48.09



This poem is part of the collection Not Rosaries Nor Missals.

I Dare To Hope April Is The Cruelest



I knew the hardest

was not being locked in

but the coming out

the count of the missing

ones their blinders

down as you take your

long missed stroll

that time has not arrived yet

but the count has

started once you get time

at hand the socials

platforms open up some

profiles have black

some tears and weeping

so far is two at day

way too high the number

of my friends who are no more

we are still on lock down

April is the cruelest month

I dare to strongly hope






time leaving
traces everywhere
victims never
to be avenged

time cannot
be hold it can
be classified
never arrested

and if doing some
serious thinking
we last but the
length of a breath

time shows itself
and swiftly go




This poem is part of the bilingual poetry collection California Notebooks 01  on sale on Amazon.


Eternity Roams


eternity roams
inside me I can’t
help but travel

forever wondering
the mind and space
on earth as in dreams

seeking some order
chasing the waters
harmony to fill me

deep from the inside
to make me a lake
alas at home




This poem is part of the bilingual poetry collection California Notebooks 01  on sale on Amazon. If you wish you can read the Italian version on the post previous to this one titled Armonia.