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In Sickness – Three Steps




winter came early

this year to me

and to so many

others counting

the dead ones

holding tight

to a thin opening

of breath whistling

almost in an out my

house old all of a sudden


I do repeat I love you

to my self five times

at day more really

because it helps

my lungs relax

I feel larger

than life



to myself

I do love you

hold on tightly


all shall pass one day

not today maybe

please not




Chapel of the 1348 -1478- 1576-1930 Plague, Italy.


Not Rosaries Nor Missals – Survival – July 2014



Easter ceased to exist
I didn’t even realize
but it was gone

I went on a battle
field and inhabited
a barrack there

it moved with me
across the world I had
plenty of ammunitions

each moving object
was my target I had
no more spirituality

my religion was survival



2013-07-05 15.58.08



“Not Rosaries Nor Missals” is a collections of poems started last year on July 2013.

The other poems of the collections can be found and read using the search window.