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Come With Me


Come with me today to my poetry reading in the Coachella Valley in California!

It will take you only 3’09” to be with me and virtually fly there as I introduce you to my poems.

The book I’m reading from, California Notebooks 01 was written there. I wanted to give back to the desert, with this reading, the inspiration it bestowed on me.

This book is dedicated

to those souls whose flesh is too tight

to those whose dreams are real and reality seems

to be a dream

Poetry Reading Here

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Together we rock!

Thank you 🙏

Video Poetry for Groundzero 2013


Video of photos and poetry recited, created for the opening of the gallery Groundzero in Albenga, Italy, in the spring 2013.
Poems are read from the following collections: Poe-m-try, Morning Visions and Strings by Anna Mosca. Tracks and voice Anna Mosca. Photos by Anna Mosca. Editing Mirela Burca

© Anna Mosca

Video di foto e poesia recitata, creato per l’apertura della galleria Groundzero in Albenga (SV), nella primavera del 2013.
Le poesie lette sono delle seguenti raccolte: Poe-m-try, Morning Visions, e Strings di Anna Mosca. Traccie e voce Anna Mosca. Foto di Anna Mosca. Montaggio foto di Mirella Burca.

© Anna Mosca




Video Poetry – Video Poesia ISA Monza



A year ago I taught some students of the Art Institute of Monza in Italy a course, side to side with Professor Telloli, during which they had to interpret a poetic text of mine and create a video. One of the students even wanted to put music to it!

Sadly, due to Italian school reforms the Art Institute will no longer exist and the school will have a different schedule that leaves less room to creativity.

To celebrate the Art Institute the way it was (that is the same school were I started my walk as a young artist), the teachers and the work students did, I wish to post here three of their video. One is in English and two in Italian. I encourage you to watch them all and perceive the feelings hidden behind the words of a different language.

Enjoy them!






Un anno fa insegnai un corso all’Istituto d’Arte di Monza al fianco del professor Telloli, docente di ruolo. Gli studenti dovevano interpretare un mio testo poetico e creare un video ricavato da foto loro. Uno di loro volle anche musicare una poesia!

Tristemente per via della riforma della scuola italiana questo è l’ultimo anno per l’ISA di Monza e come liceo avrà meno ore di creazione artistica.

Per celebrare l’Istituto d’Arte com’era (è la scuola dove io stessa ho cominciato il mio percorso d’artista), gli insegnanti e il lavoro fatto dagli studenti, pubblico qui tre dei loro video. Uno in inglese e due in italiano. Vi invito a visionarli tutti e tre indipendentemente dal linguaggio utilizzato.

Buona visione e buon ascolto!





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On a Wintery Night, Part Seven




little one jumped away

keeping one eye on me

he had said his

had no more to add

in his slight disapproval

don’t your remember

the little voice that

carried you through

in the harsh season? wait


each time you waited

it was effective and greater

essence and fair responses

had came out of it

cuddle up and soar

2013-04-06 15.55.41

On a Wintery Night, Part Six




I like the whispers you exchange

the drawn-out breaths

the air you take away

from each other

I sense your bliss

I accept him


but he’s lacking he’s not here

today and you – alone

on a freezing porch –

seeking meaning

make no sense

.2013-04-05 19.02.54

On a Wintery Night, Part Five




the little one

approached me

looking up in stupor

what are you doing out here

engrossed in your beauty

cladded up that way?


he ignored my smirk

my pleading eyes

you have no fur coat

under neat your robe

is your silky pale

wintery skin…


that skin the big one seems

to love so much – the silken

and the watery he comes

looking for a great deal

I like him to like you

2013-04-05 19.23.14

On a Wintery Night, Part Four



it had been a long time

since I sat here – listening

to night’s nature

searching words

reasoning pain out

it had been a long time

since I had done this

in English

may be to draw away

from you – as I fear

the end of us – of this

half life you are handing me

that seems to not be

sufficient for me

any longer


I sat and recon myself a woman

a venerable woman I knew

diverse – as if she had

crossed many continents

on feet and wings

in the dark season


finding herself

on the porch once again

wondering over a map

of tender love on which

she had lost the way

one more time




On a Wintery Night, Part One




I decided I had to open the door

at night

and step outside

walk alone in the dark at night

it had been a long time

since I did it last


autumn had fallen with

its sadness and abandonments

I retrieved in pain and since

then I hardly ever

stepped on the ground

around my house at night


I had heard the wind a bit

from the hot bath tub

while dealing with heaviness

in my mind

trying in vain to stay afloat

I was a new season approaching

that was clear

2013-03-28 18.27.40

The London Hours -This Time No Words


Video poetry from the selected poem “This Time No Words”, belonging to the collection The London Hours.
Poetry and project Anna Mosca, Editing by Anna Facchinetti, photos by Luminesia (see credits), music by Federico Villa.

Poem was posted on July 26th 2012 and can be read at: https://annamosca.wordpress.com/2012/07/26/the-london-hours-2012-41/

Video Poetry – Video poesia


Welcome back! Here are a few links to a new project of video poetry.

I had this project in mind for a long time: I was quite frustrated by the lack of time to bring it to completion, then, as it usually happens, things started to come together.

Therefore I accepted gratefully when a handful of my students from my photography course quite casually asked me if they could use their pictures to do a slide show of my poetry. Next I asked to a kind and creative friend if he could help with the music and the recording.

Shortly before this project started, a poet from Texas now living in Italy, was organizing an international poetry contest. She selected some of my poetry and asked me for audio tracks of the same to publish with the written version.

In the meantime an italian writer had asked me for some poems to be included in a book he was writing on Slam Poetry in Italy. He needed, beside the texts, to have some video where I was reading my poetry, with the voice and and rhythm I use during readings and slams.

Well, suddenly these video poems had to be made.

These are the results of a work done, for once, not all by myself but in a team, which is where my life is taking me. Results of which I’m very happy.

Have a look and subscribe to the channel on YouTube. Some are in English some in Italian. Thank you.

Bentrovati! Qui aggiungo una manciata di link a un nuovo progetto di video poesia.

Il progetto mi girava in testa da anni, con non poca frustrazione per la solita mancanza di tempo per realizzarlo poi, come succede, le cose hanno cominciato ad avvenire.

Così ho accettato con gratitudine l’offerta, ventilata quasi casualmente, di alcuni miei studenti del corso di fotografia in accademia, di creare degli slide show con le loro foto, le mie poesie, la mia voce. Poi ho coinvolto un amico, gentile e creativo, per le basi musicali e le registrazioni audio.

Succedeva che, nel frattempo, pochissimo tempo prima della realizzazione effettiva di questo progetto, una poeta texana, immigrata in Italia, organizza un concorso di poesia internazionale. Seleziona alcune mie poesie ma mi chiede alcune tracce audio delle stesse da pubblicare insieme alla versione scritta.

Anche uno scrittore e poeta italiano che mi aveva richiesto alcune poesie, per un’antologia che avrebbe scritto sullo Slam Poetry in Italia, mi chiede di dargli oltre ai testi dei video dove io leggevo le mie poesie, con il tono di voce che mi caratterizzava durante i reading e gli slam.

Insomma, di colpo la cosa andava realizzata e questi sono i primi risultati di un lavoro, per una volta non compiuto in solitario ma in team, che è dove la mia vita mi sta portando. Risultati dei quali io sono molto felice. Dateci un’occhiata cliccando sui link sopra o con il copia incolla.