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On a Wintery Night, Part Two




I wore a heavy robe the color of night

tall sheep boots and a fur hat

I looked out there

it felt like rain was falling



it was the wind shifting

between the branches

creating an illusion – no rain

just icy air moving fast

agitating thick leaves

annoying them or

relieving them I would not know

but I sat there

in a stupor for

what had being growing

in my heart tonight


an un-easiness

a dis-ease I had to deal with

before approaching sleep

.2013-04-07 19.56.23


On a Wintery Night, Part One




I decided I had to open the door

at night

and step outside

walk alone in the dark at night

it had been a long time

since I did it last


autumn had fallen with

its sadness and abandonments

I retrieved in pain and since

then I hardly ever

stepped on the ground

around my house at night


I had heard the wind a bit

from the hot bath tub

while dealing with heaviness

in my mind

trying in vain to stay afloat

I was a new season approaching

that was clear

2013-03-28 18.27.40