California Notebooks, Dec. 2013




I remember well

the route of the skies

I may be on clouds

as you said


I may not need

to tread on soiled

divorced paths


the air is thin above

and the view is fine

I wish my wings back



2014-01-14 13.20.31

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  1. I am really diggin California Notebooks. You wouldnt be opposed to me sharing a few would you? And if I saw these poems in a book on a shelf of a store i would purchse the whole lot and pass em out for free.


    • Thank you 🙂 for your enthusiasm, I’m glad you like them!
      No problem for sharing them, I will be glad if you do. Make sure, if you share them on your blog, that you put the link (yours) under each post shared or, if on FB, that you copy paste the whole link of my post/page. It’s important that the name of the author will be visible. This way you are not infringing any copyright and we are both happy 🙂
      Will let you know when the whole is out on print (there’s more to come, stay tuned)!
      Appreciate your input.


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