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Poems Come


when you honor
three layers of mountains

brown beige and purple
straight ahead of you

against a bright blue drape
not noticing the golf ball

poems come floating
the crystal breeze

This poem is part of the collection California Notebooks 02 written in Indian Wells, California.

To The End


we all walk
bundled up on
winter days
but the dogs

jump for joy

the old man
will not sit by
his fire he takes
himself out

slowly stretching
his steps next
to the lines
of poplars

he will walk to
the end not
a thought
of surrender


© 2013


Asking You



don’t many of us
in this life get the chance
to be human

even if for a brief
moment of vulnerability

tenderness entwined in
with love and forgiveness
embracing mistakes

ours or others
there are no podiums

but one race
just one step
the other

one person
looking after another

keeping our necks oiled
to turn around

any given time



2014-02-06 17.02.42


To Keep Me Standing


out of the dark gray morning
the turtle dove calls

same song she plays
on all seasons to call me

out of sleep into the awakened
daily life the tiresome day life

that holds a song or two
such as hers
to keep me standing


New Church



this is

my new church

the desert plane


where the spirit lives

I shall come and

preach to all


the desert gold

bushes sitting quietly

preach the deepest


silence on which

they already thrive



This poem is part of the poetry collection California Notebooks 02. If you wish to order a copy please click here.