California Notebooks Featuring for National Poetry Month on Sonya Rhen



a river pouring
you are not rushing

to me poetry flows
out is hard to contain

I’ve no hands for that use
I’ve new eyes to embrace

strong legs clasped around
it’s an odd place wonderful

to be tell me what is
new today with you



Photo A. Mosca California Notebooks.


This poem was featured April 4th 2014 on Sonya Rhen’s site for National Poetry Month 2014 with notes from the author and about the author.

You are invited to visit the page if you wish! Here is the link:

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  1. Today I have a foot in two worlds and I am grateful for that means today,
    I have a choice.

    I love your words like drops alive touching my heart in a world where so much is so often so dry.


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