California Notebooks 2014



aiming to
defy gravity
floating in life

lightly pondering
no shortness of breath
but long inhale exhale

a new outlook upside

down unexpected turns
while possible let’s
take weights away

from thoughts
exploring our
own space



2014-04-01 14.22.03



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    • LOL Beth, I love your comment! Yesterday they took down the 26 ft tall Forever Marilyn sculpture in Palm Springs and they will be moving it to NJ. I though the picture was perfect for today’s poem.


  1. “aiming to
    defy gravity
    floating in life”

    I really like this (understatement)

    Every time I see defy and gravity in the same phrase I cannot help but recall the song by Jimmy Buffett: “Defying Gravity”

    Please take no offense, but I wanted to share this bit of the song with you:

    I live on a big round ball
    I never do dream I may fall
    And even one day if I do
    Well I’ll jump up and smile back at you

    I don’t even know where we are
    They tell me were circling a star
    Well I’ll take their word, I don’t know
    But I’m dizzy so it may be so

    Great poem Anna.
    I truly enjoy your work


    • Thank you! It was strange indeed to see her from towering down to be in pieces and being dismantled piece by piece by just a handful of guys. For two days there was a constant crowd watching this.


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