California Notebooks, 2014


how often we forget
it is us revolving
around the sun

we sit contemplating
in our living room
the shadows changing

how often we forget
we are mirrors
of others attitudes

we point the finger
pick up a part to act
just impersonating

how often we forget
to simply be a simple
word being thank you

no chats about the sun
moving raising setting
telling ourselves truths



2014-11-21 09.48.02





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  1. The poem calibrates at the heart chakra, Anna, 545 LOC (Hawkins, 1995). As we are sizable elecro magnets, we become attractors to what we are, what we judge, what we have lost or given away, our most forgotten love, how we relate to our parents (comic and birth parents), our quest for spiritual Truth, and our self-perception. The Essenes used the term of Seven Mirrors of Relationships to describe what your poem expresses. Thank you so much, warmest regards, and blessings 🙂


    • Alina, thank you for your comment! You always surprise and bless me with your insight and knowledge. So interesting!! I will meditate on your comment. One question: what do you mean in parenthesis with “comic parents”? I’m not familiar with that term… blessings and thank you for sharing your knowledge with me. 🙂 gratefully

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      • By “cosmic parents”, Anna, I mean the heavenly father/mother. Because I study world traditions, I am accustomed to use various references to what in my tradition, Christianity, we refer to as God. Warmest regards and blessings to you and yours 🙂


  2. I want to print this out and hang it on my wall in my office as a daily reminder. Your work is ethereal and fluid and filled with emotion. Love it.


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