California Notebooks, 2014


my favorite occupation
has been that of
listening to silence

to give shapes
to music singing
with my hands

on top of the colors
that lay already there
to tiptoe in-love

slowing down
my responses
to evade darkness

into the beauty held
inside as the harmony
viable all around



2014-10-28 17.44.28.




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  1. Meaningful, Anna. By linguistically expressing “meaningful” I mean the “spot” where our thoughts, emotions, and feelings “die”, and we transform to a silent observer of the reality we create via our nervous systems. It is the process that is “dark”/”invisible” to our intellect. It is the moment when the hand automatically writes without the brain knowing what the hand does. It is our participation in the universe at the highest level of consciousness our union of body and spirit can generate at the moment. Warmest regards πŸ™‚


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