On a Wintery Night, Part Two




I wore a heavy robe the color of night

tall sheep boots and a fur hat

I looked out there

it felt like rain was falling



it was the wind shifting

between the branches

creating an illusion – no rain

just icy air moving fast

agitating thick leaves

annoying them or

relieving them I would not know

but I sat there

in a stupor for

what had being growing

in my heart tonight


an un-easiness

a dis-ease I had to deal with

before approaching sleep

.2013-04-07 19.56.23


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  1. Wintery Night, parts 1 and 2 are quite different from what you have done in the past … more of a narative of thoughts. They show your briliant versatility and way with words. I love these two poems. They both have outstanding lines and flow. I’m really into it.


    • good 😉 glad you are with me on this, and like it, cause there’re more parts to it… Yes, I’m experimenting something new, may not be my best, my style, but venturing out, if you bear with me, will do me good, i think… It was too long to be published all in one piece so I edited it in parts… much more narrative and not as evocative, yet…


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