California Notebooks, 2014



odors and perfumes
how do we discern them

can we possibly ignore
the power held by this
one sense we ought to be

in wonder a complex gift
bestowed freely on us

what would be the
best smell for you

just before dying
to make the severing
less difficult

freshly mowed grass

citruses blossoms tall
waves of the sea the
skin of your beloved



2014-05-26 13.43.24.




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  1. The scent I intend to create while stepping off the boat of IHVG is no music to be expressed but the divine silence to be merged with – the voice of our Creator/The Essence. Love ๐Ÿ™‚


      • Thank you, Anna. Referencing the Hebrew and Arabic ancient texts, we will infer that IHVH (God/the Essence of life) temporarily expresses in matter as IHVG that is consistent with the Periodic Table elements that are part of our DNA. IHVG literally means โ€œGod eternal within the bodyโ€. Greg Bradden is the best person to explain this phenomenon since he devoted 22 years of his life to travel to the most remote world locations to study indigenous cultures that have not been impacted by the Western way of thinking. Love ๐Ÿ™‚


  2. What a profound question…
    Let me slip away
    Draped in a veil of vapors
    Breath of my newborn sons,
    My husband’s musky, clean skin,
    Autumn leaves burning on a bonfire,
    Freshly brewed coffee with the clink, clink of my parents’
    Spoons as they sip it in bed on Sunday morning.
    Chocolate covered gardenias on my pillow!!


  3. What will be the last sight seen: family, friends? What will be the words heard or spoke: kindness, forgiveness? What will be the last taste: bitter, sweet? The last touch: gentle, rough? Do last smells enter the mind? They should as smells are the biggest triggers of memory.


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