California Notebooks 2016 – Bear Creek



the name says
there’s a bear who
owns a creek down

the cove deep down
where man made
circles of rocks

to trap the water
which will trap
the sky reflection

feeding their soul
while entertaining
some fish as well

each one dancing
to their own
destiny notes








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    • on a land where natives used to thread, a prelude to many bedtimes stories… not sure if i should include this one then in my Dreams compilation or the Indian Wells one?


      • It has a certain geography. A real dream that the land dreams. Location. Dreams are… ( what is the word for paints that fade or vanish easily?) and difficult to locate three-dimensionally in one place- they always have other things attached that breed ambiguity. Landscape dreams, but of its shape and time and its encompassed events. Dreams run at tangents. Landscape is always a horizon of circles. Belonging.

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