The Look My Soul Has


in between loving cats
and feeding elders
roaming paths

it was the caressing
with my eyes of the olive
trees barks twisted by

the winds and the lack
of water – is that the look
my soul has – she had no

idea life was business
to attend same the church
and the cats and the elderly

2013-10-27 13.48.09



This poem is part of the collection Not Rosaries Nor Missals.

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  1. ‘twisted by the winds and the lack of water’ – a beautiful line. I feel like this reflects a sense of wonder and surprise at what the soul might look like and have not thought to ask myself the same question – now I will, thanks to your lovely poem.

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    • Miriam your comment really touched me, thank you for expressing your feelings and if my poem pushed you to wonder in that direction that makes my day… and my week… and so on! I think the soul is a very real thing but too often we do not wonder about it, nor above what someone or some religion told us. well we should, because our soul will survive us and our habits and our thoughts and our words. isn’t that so mysterious and fascinating?


      • You’re welcome! I agree – the mystery and wonder of the soul, mind, spirit and body continually fascinate me. Might even start writing some poetry along those lines, come to think of it – inspiration continues!

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