I Stand Still



I stand still


among the bare



I stand here


my eyes filled

with beauty


the sounds of

ducks in between

the church bells

sharp in the air


move my tears to

cover my cheeks

such emotional

life will last


in nature we live

we are born

again and again

let’s not forget


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  1.  Hey, Anna Forgive me for piggy-backing on your post but I want you to know I love ‘I Stand Still Waiting”! Not the first time you have caught my wandering eye. I am shooting for a Zoom date some time during the w/o 2/13/23. My plan is to make this known to the group at large, starting with my Time Zone, which is Mountain Standard. In other words, I will make myself available any time after noon MST. Hopefully we can all figure it out from there.  As to your poems, it has been suggested that participants submit their poems in advance, so I want to share my response with you:    I would very much like to read the poems you are considering, ahead of time. I just don’t want to make that a     pre-requisite. On any particular Podcast you-all can read whatever you like. As I’m sure you know, the wild-card     on how many you read will always be the number of new poets taking part in any particular session.  I am so happy you are lending your talents to our program, Anna. You are definitely a rising star in the world of poetry. 

    Cool runnings!Garry Garry L. Coxhttp://garrycox.com/ Cell (602) 228-8485  


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