California Notebooks 2014 EN/IT featuring on IPM today (audio version too)


I had the feeling
I had been lost at sea
just for a few weeks

if weeks count as
years having no sweet
food or drink just

overcoming the waves
withstand the wind patience
unfolded under the sun

one morning – passing by
a mirror – not able to
recognize myself


(The audio versions can be found, at the end of the poem, here on the IPM page


ho avuto la sensazione
d’esser stata naufraga persa
nel mare qualche settimana

se le settimane contano
come anni senza cibo
o acqua dolce solo

le onde da superare
sopportando il vento la pazienza
spiegata sotto il sole

una mattina – passando
davanti a uno specchio –
incapace di riconoscermi



2014-04-07 14.42.35




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    • I hear what you say! LOL I’m laughing cause when we are younger we never think we are going to look like one of our relatives and then, boom, all of a sudden we are wearing their face… interesting point you brought up, thank you for your comment


  1. A lilt and a slap, as of waves and salt water in the eye. I was listening to “Bright red” by Laurie Anderson last night. Your words have the same sweet poison, I think. Me, I never trust mirrors: there is always a stranger looking back at me.


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