la potenza scardinante

della poesia che apre

varchi negli spazi

chiusi dell’anima


la curiosità delle forme


ricche di sapori

inconsci morti

forse per un tempo

nomade senza dimora


fissa l’evanescenza



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    • Hi, Robert, thank you for your comment and feedback. I’m not sure I understand if it’s a question… anyhow I shall venture replying, this poems doesn’t have an English version to it.


      • Oh I sat down and started translating L’evanascenza and then looking through your site noticed the two buttons above a few of your Italian poems. It looked like it was offering a translation choice: Italian…English. But then I got called away and could not find that page again or those buttons. I’ve ordered your latest book, the bilingual. Looking forward to it.

        Thank you for the “like” on my site. It’s encouraging to have a real writer’s nod.


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        • Robert hi, thank you for ordering one of my books! Did you order California Notebooks vol.1 o vol.2, the blue of the green one? Happy you are getting one, enjoy the reading 😊

          About WP sometimes it can be a bit confusing, I think it also depends if you access the platform from a computer, ipad or smart phone.
          My main page on WP works like this. You have a top menu, up high and there there are different menus:
          Poesia (Italian poems), Poetry (English poems, the majority), Short Stories and a couple of other voices included the About page, which is one but everything there is both in English and Italian. As I said there some poems are published in both languages but not all as some are strongly bound to the country and the emotions therein and in my opinion not “translatable”.
          I hope I didn’t confuse you!
          So, yes, there are two buttons there Poesia e Poetry and some poems appear in both places but it’s not an automatic translator.


  1. Anna, I am really enjoying you poetry. So far favorite: “I like to see things from afar” and “I do not ever want to leave…” It’s a great chapbook. Do you know Paulann Petersen, by any chance? Oregon poet.
    I tried to subscribe via email, but my email entry kept responding: not accepted, try using a correct email address. at any rate, my email is robertschorr@themorningfrigate.com and/or rod.schorr@gmail.com

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    • Hi Robert, thank you. Happy you are enjoying the book! Please consider posting a review on Amazon, these are very useful to me and to future readers.
      Not sure what the problem with subscription are, are you now receiving emails with notice of my posts? I hope it was just a glitch and you were able to subscribe. I do not control the subscriptions, WP does.Sorry about that.
      I will check out Paulann Petersen work, thank you for pointing out another poet.


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